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Garden Park


“Garden park” is a perfect environment pack for creation of the garden or a park. With modular floor paths, curbs, walls, fences, water canals, stairs and different props you are able to create many different variations. You can place your own trees, plants and bushes to achieve the style you want. Assets are easy to be placed and used.

Package contains:

  • 93 Models
  • 34 PBR Materials
  • 98 Textures
  • LODs
  • Lightmap
  • Collision

Props, Unreal Marketplace

Stone Floor Tiles

Stone Floor Tiles contains a high quality modular sets of floors, perfect for creating paths and filling your environments. All the floor sets are in a form of a Blueprint, so you can easily modify the set to fulfill your needs.

Package contains:

  • 28 Models:
    • 14 Tiles
    • 3 Rectangular Stones
    • 7 Pebbles
    • 3 Rectangular Ground Models
    • 1 Grass
  • 3 PBR Materials
  • 9 Blueprints
  • LODs
  • Collisions
  • Lightmap UV